Friday, September 26, 2014

Shelby Hays Debuts A Gorgeous New Pair Of Black Leather Boots On 5 News In Fayetteville Arkansas

It looks like Shelby has once again brought 
Gorgeous weather to Northwest Arkansas

The Amazing Ashley Leaps In To Action

Ashley is a reporter for KFOR and
Freedom 43 in Oklahoma City

Ellen McNamara Proves Us Wrong. It Is NOT Too Warm In The Twin Cities To Wear Boots!!!!

THANK YOU to The Mayor for the alert!

New Fox Sports North Girl Jennifer Gets Off To A Great Start By Wearing Boots For Her First Photo Sheet

Still hoping/dreaming for one these
Fox Sports North Girls to wear
OVER The KNEE BOOTS sometime....
Kendall wore cute Boots for the shoot as well!

Bree Was Brown Leather Booted In Boston