Friday, February 22, 2013

Answering Some Questions

As those you who have watched the Lisa Ferguson video from yesterday know, I purchased and sent two pairs of Boots to Lisa, one pair of which she, obviously, was wearing during the taping of the TYT University video. A few of you had follow up 
questions regarding this.
YES, I purchased the Boots for Lisa. As I am sure you have noticed, there's a couple of Ads on this site. I get a little bit of revenue from those Ads when viewers click on them. This has allowed me to save a little money that I decided to 're-invest' in the Blog. NOW, WOULD I ASK EVERY WOMAN that appears on this Blog, if they would like a pair of Boots purchased for them? NO,NO, NO. I think that would gravitate in to the 'creepy' behavior I hope NONE of us engages in. We NEED to STAY RESPECTFUL as much as possible so that we continue to get positive feedback from some of those profiled here. I simply commented on a TYT University video, asking Lisa if she would ever wear OTK Boots. She replied that she would, if some were sent to her. I didn't intend to ask her if she wanted some sent to her and if she had just said Yes or No, I would have just let the matter end there. But, since she said YES, if some were sent, I offered. We took the conversation offline, where I found out her size and a mailing address (WHICH IS NOT WHERE SHE LIVES, Thankfully, I would NOT WANT that information) and I then went online and found a couple of pairs that I could afford and that I could get to her fairly quickly, as it's the almost the end of boot season in certain areas of the country. I picked out the pair she wore in the video because they were pretty unique, I liked them and I thought they would look good on her. The Boots DID NOT GET a Good reaction from the majority of Lisa's viewers, which is why I asked you yesterday to PLEASE GO and COMMENT on that Video, saying how much you LIKE the Boots. WE NEED OUR VOICES TO BE HEARD and WE NEED TO SUPPORT LISA. Another question was, "Did the Blog Readers Contribute?" The money came out of my pocket BUT The Blog Readers who have clicked on Ads DID Contribute.
Don't creep on Lisa because of this.
I would rather SHUT THIS Blog DOWN 
than to hear from one of these newswomen 
that one of our readers is sending 
creepy messages to them.

And TYT University isn't just some krazy kids with a video camera having fun. They have almost 70,000 subscribers and have had 32 million video views!!! By the end of next Boot season, they could pass One Gajillion views. AWESOME!!!

Tram's Turn In Black Leather

THANK YOU jake!!!!!

Hailey Frances Goes To School In Boots

Burnett Back In Boots

Photos courtesy of kyuubi 

Tall Black Suede for Erika Arias

Grey is the Color of the Day in Austin, Texas

Blog Fave Keri Bellacosa wore grey tights but she was outdone by guest Rachel Knapp in VERY TALL Grey Leather Boots

Kim Insley wears Classic Knee High Black Leather Boots and Dark Tights

THANK YOU to The Mayor for the Alert

Lisa Ferguson Is STILL WEARING Her NEW BOOTS!!!!

Fox 9 in Minnesota Celebrates the Alix Kendall and Dawn Stevens Boot Battle