Monday, July 2, 2012

Savannah named co-anchor. Will NatMo bolt after being passed over?

It's official that Savannah Guthrie has been named to replace Ann Curry as co-host of the Today Show.  Savannah has only been with the show one year but she moved to the top spot very fast.
Savannah booted up quite a bit for us last year, but if I'm not mistaken, she was ALWAYS wearing the same black suede knee high boots as seen above. Not I am not complaining because she looks great in those boots, but I REALLY appreciate a little variety.
And who on the Today Show provides more boot variety than Natalie Morales?

Congratulations to Savannah but this is the second time that Natalie has been passed over for the top spot and I hope she doesn't leave the show because of this snub. 

This time it's a Brown on Brown, Leather vs Suede, Blond vs Brunette, Mexican Boot Battle

Muchas Gracias, Muchísimas Gracias 
to our anonymous tipster!!

It's a Brown vs Black, Leather on Leather, Over the Knee Boot Battle

Once again, THANKS to our anonymous tipster.

Another Boot Battle South of the Border

Thanks again to our anonymous tipster

Nazan Eckes returns to the blog

We first met Nazan last week, and since then my buddy kk has sent two more pictures of a booted Ms. Eckes.

Annalee eats Rocky Mountain Oysters at the State Fair