Thursday, September 26, 2013


Kate Raddatz of WCCO in Minneapolis wore 
Grey Suede Boots for her picture on the cover of  
Lake Minnetonka Magazine.

Amanda Guralski Wears Boots In The Sonoran Desert Heat

It is currently 92 degrees in Tucson,
but that won't stop Amanda from
wearing Boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather Marcoux Is A Black Suede Beauty In Saskatoon

GRETCHEN JENSEN Opens The Good Things Utah Boot Season!!

We Finally Get To See Susan Hendricks In Boots

GES alerted me to Susan wearing Boots last week.
But I couldn't find any pics or video until today.
for the pictures and video!!

Jody Vance And Dawn Chubai Are Booted Canucks Fans

Ashley Kringen, The Booted Watermelon Hunter

Bethany Crouch The Second Time Booted September

Brown Leather For The Fox 40 Hall Of Famer

Celebrating Rene Syler's Ascent Of Maine's Mount Cadillac

Rene was at a shoot on top of Cadillac Mountain which, at it's summit, is the highest point of the United States within 25 miles of the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico shoreline. It is located in Acadia National Park. 
It's peak has an elevation of 1,528 feet. 

Katie Boer Of KREM In Spokane Feels Like WONDER WOMAN In Her Tall Grey Suede Boots!!!!

I LOVE the height of these Boots!!
And the green screen kind of makes it look like 
she's surrounded by Kryptonite
but I think that was Superman's deal, not Wonder Woman's.

QVC's Nancy Hornback Booted Up At The Adirondack Balloon Festival