Monday, July 22, 2013

GUNS UP Red Raiders!!!

Kaime and Liddy Cheer On Texas Tech University

Fight, Raiders, Fight! Fight, Raiders, Fight!
Fight for the school we love so dearly. 
You'll hit 'em high, you'll hit 'em low. 
You'll push the ball across the goal, 
Tech, Fight! Fight!

We'll praise your name, boost you to fame. 
Fight for the Scarlet and Black. 
You will hit 'em, you will wreck 'em. 
Hit 'em! Wreck 'em, Texas Tech! 
And the Victory Bells will ring out!


The multi-faceted Angela Christoforos gives us perspective on large and small markets. This fashionista shares her talents and thoughts using many different outlets and we are very fortuitous to be able to hear from her on our Blog!!!

Angela, Thank you for doing this interview!
What were your first thoughts when you found out there was a Blog called “The Appreciation of Booted Newswomen”? 
I thought that it was very unique, I’ve never seen another blog like it that’s tailored specifically to Newswomen fashion!

What do you think of the Blog?  Have you had a chance to look at it much? If so, have you looked to see what other women in the television industry are wearing, not only in boots, but in clothes in general? 
I think the blog is interesting, it’s fun to see how 
newswomen in different TV markets dress.

Have any of your colleagues in the 
business mentioned the Blog to you? 
Nope, they’ve never heard of it before!

Have you always been a Boot Lover? 
Yes, especially when inclement weather 
or the season calls for it.

Do you always buy new Boots every fall 
when the new fashions come out? 
I usually buy at least 1 or 2 new pairs when the fall/winter season comes around. Usually in neutral colors, like black and brown.

Where are your favorite spots to shop for Shoes and Boots? 
I love Steve Madden shoes, and love to shop at places like Macy’s and T.J. Maxx for good deals on designer brands.

Is there a certain pair of boots you wish you had? 
What is the Style, Color, Height, Heel? 
I already own quite a variety, but every time the new season arrives I always have an itch to update my collection. I think every women needs a pair of flat boots, heeled boots, wedge boots, and of course rain boots for different occasions. Since I am a one-man-band reporter, I need flat shoes while I am out on the field, so it’s very likely I’ll be purchasing a new pair of flat boots this upcoming season.

Is there any style of Boots that women wear 
that you absolutely would NOT wear? Why? 
I think it all really just depends on the occasion. It’s probably not appropriate to wear stiletto 5-inch heeled boots during the day while running errands or at work, but those same boots could look great for a night out with girlfriends.

You are a reporter at WAGM-TV in Presque Isle, Maine. I bet a lot of people haven't heard of Presque Isle, but I am sure it's fantastic.  What can you tell us about the city and it's surrounding area? 
Presque Isle is a very rural area. It is in one of the most Northern parts of the Country, right on the border of Canada. It’s a part of “Aroostook County” in Northern Maine. It is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, and riding 4 wheelers! The pace is certainly a bit slower than the hustle and bustle of city life, and has a very “small town” mentality to it. The community is very close knit, and the people are very friendly. I had never heard of a “tractor pull” until moving up here to Northern Maine. Agriculture is a huge part of the economy in Northern Maine, you can’t go for 5 minutes driving without seeing a large potato field!

I know you worked for a few news outlets in Boston. 
How far from Boston is Presque Isle? 
Driving it’s about 7 hours away. But there’s an airport in 
Presque Isle that flies straight to Logan airport in Boston, 
and that flight is only an hour and a half.

What’s different about working television news in Boston and Presque Isle? Do you have to work harder 
or differently to find your stories? 
There’s a big difference. For one, Boston is one of the top 10 markets in the country, and Presque Isle is one of the smallest. It’s all based on DMA, or in another words your viewing audience. The more viewers you have, the bigger the TV market is. Presque Isle is a good starter market for beginners, a place where you learn how to do the job well and pay your dues. In Boston crimes happen on a daily basis, in Presque Isle they are a far more less frequent. My stories vary on any given day from hard news to feature stories. At my station, we are very connected to our community and cover several stories pertaining to events going on through our community.

You write a column for Dirty Water News, which 
bills itself as Boston's Best Entertainment News. 
Is that both a printed and online newspaper? 
What topics do you cover in your column? 
It is a bi-weekly printed entertainment publication distributed throughout Boston, and it is also available on I write a fashion column as well as a local celebrity column. I write articles on fashion trends, local boutiques, as well as designer profiles on local talent. In my local celebrity column I spotlight up and coming talent in the Boston area and conduct similar Q&A interviews like this one. Local celebs range from actors/actresses, models, singers, designers- really anyone doing something worthy of recognition.

You have a blog, Keeping Up With Ang.
What do you blog about? How often do you post? 
What do you enjoy about blogging? 
My blog is a way of showcasing events, stories, and projects that I’m part of. I share everything from video clips to news stories, articles on fashion and Hollywood celebs, beauty product reviews, lifestyle & advice articles, photo shoots images, inspiration, travels, and more. It’s basically my virtual corner of the web where I share my career, projects, and personal journey.

You have worked as an actress in commercials and as an extra in films and TV shows. 
Is that a career path you still may follow? 
That is something that I would like to continue doing on the side!

How well did being a former pageant contestant (competed in Miss Teen Massachusetts and Miss Boston pageants) help you prepare for a career in the media? 
Pageants are a great tool to help prepare for a career in the media because it really is a great vehicle for developing communication skills, as well as presence and etiquette. Communication skills are vital in this business, and the interview portion of pageants really help prepare contestants to polish their interview skills and present themselves in a positive manner. Something that is indeed useful in any industry.

I read that you are a passionate advocate for Autism Awareness.  What message would you want to get out to people who may not know or understand much about Autism? 
Autism is a wide spectrum, and affects each person with autism differently. My brother is high-functioning, talented, and intelligent but he still needs services to aid him with his social skills. Autism takes a large toll on a family, and unless you have a family member of your own with someone it can be difficult to understand the daily struggles that these families are faced with. You can read more on my brother on my website -> 

If someone wanted to help out with Autism Awareness, is there a favorite organization of yours that works on Autism research or helps families of those with Autism that we could donate to? 
I love to work with Autism Speaks. I do the walks yearly, and have organized fundraisers in the past to raise money for the organization.


If someone offered you the choice of these four jobs, 
which one would you take?  
1) Host of the Today Show      
2) A reporter on 60 Minutes 
3) Host of Entertainment Tonight   
4) Broadcast Journalism Professor at Suffolk University
I’d have to say I’m tied with 1 & 3!

Are there places other than what we've mentioned (WAGM, Dirty Water News, Keeping Up With Ang) that our readers should be going to look for your work? 
I also frequently update my facebook fan page-> and I have my own website at


We are now a perfect FOUR for FOUR with our Interviews!! 
INTELLIGENT WOMEN have granted us interviews.  
I feel so thankful and humbled that they would 
take the time and effort to do this for our Blog!!!!!

Black Suede Surprise: A Kiran Chetry BLAST FROM THE PAST

Purple Suede Sensation Mélissa Theuriau

photo courtesy of Ladies in Satin Blouses Blog

photo courtesy of Ladies in Satin Blouses Blog
photo courtesy of Ladies in Satin Blouses Blog