Saturday, January 19, 2013

Robin's In Tune

A Greek Comes Bearing The Gift Of Black Leather

Jamie Yuccas Has A Brown Leather Saturday

Boots This Week On Despierta America

Karla Martinez

Satcha Pretto

Stephanie Severino

More Michel McDermott

THANK YOU to our anonymous contributer for sending the links!

The Fox Sports North Girls Are Booted Up For Hockey Day In Minnesota

Whose Boots Are These?

I don't know which pair, but one of these sets belong to Jenny Anchondo of
Fox 59 in Indianapolis.  Jenny posted this photo on Facebook of her and two friends 
attending last night's Indiana Pacers game. Like I said, I don't know for sure,
but I will guess that is Jenny in dark blue at the top.

Jenna Wolfe Gives Us A Black Leather Saturday

THANK YOU jaynorris117 for the video

NICE Grey Suede For Lianne Laing In Ottawa

THANK YOU to our contributer from Canada!

Philly's Jillian Mele Is Back On The Blog

THANK YOU to the contributor who sent the link to this photo
This is the first time this season Jillian has been on the blog, 
because NBC 10 in Philadelphia stopped producing The 10! Show
That show was a great resource for us as we saw Lori Wilson, LuAnn Cahn, Jillian Mele and Michelle Grossman all wear Boots on the show.