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Vanessa Freeman Shares Her Wonderful Experiences And ALWAYS POSITIVE Outlook With Us

Vanessa, Thank you very much for granting us an interview!!!!

What were your first thoughts when you found out there was 
a Blog called "The Appreciation of Booted Newswomen"?
When I stumbled across the Booted News Women blogs, I was blown away for two reasons.  One, because this is an awesome way to check out what my favorite news ladies are wearing. And secondly, by the sheer span of markets the Booted News Women blog covers.  You have news women of all calibers featured on your site; all brought together by one of my favorite accessories.... BOOTS!!

What do you think of the Blog?  Have you had a chance to look at it much? If so, have you looked to see what other women in the television industry are wearing, not only in boots, but in clothes in general?
I love news and current events, but I think a rare gem like this, were you can check out your favorite news people and see what they are wearing is AWESOME! After all, style is an important part of the job, and with this site, you can not only see the foot game, but you get to see the entire ensemble.   

Have any of your colleagues in the business mentioned the Blog to you?
Actually, I'm the one that usually mentions the site to others 
and then they say "Oh yes! I've seen that blog before!" 

Have you always been a Boot Lover?
 I have always been a boot lover. But finding a good boot is like finding a soul mate--you can't just waltz into a store, grab a pair, throw them on and think it's going to click!  And you can totally tell when somebody has done that, there is no harmony.  When looking for a boot you have to consider your leg size and the width of the boot, the texture, color and of course the heel.  And with all these powers combined you will have a great boot that looks like its made for YOU!

Do you always buy new Boots every fall when the new fashions come out?
I do try to purchase two boots every fall season (a black and brown), but some seasons I just don't find styles that fit me.  So I end up wearing most of my boots into the next season.  Luckily I opt for classic styles that can be wore for many seasons to come.  

Where are your favorite spots to shop for Shoes and Boots?
My favorite spot for boots is Nine West and Steve Madden.

Is there a certain pair of boots you wish you had? What is the Style, Color, Height, Heel?
I wish I had a pair of suede, brown boots with a wide, thick heel.... not chunky, but not super skinny stiletto either.  It may sound like a simple style, but I haven't been able to find it just yet. 

Is there any style of Boots that women wear that 
you absolutely would NOT wear? Why?
 For some reason I cringe every time I see the Steve Madden, timberland heeled boots.  J-Lo wore them in her "Jenny from the Block" music video.  Everyone one loved them and so did I.  I remember I took to the store right after the video premiered on MTV.  (Mind you, I'm dating this by saying "debuted on MTV" when was the last time an actually music video was on MTV lol).  It was high school for me, and that fad was done by the time I graduated.  I actually think the style was only cute of one year after, but for some reason folks just couldn't let go.  So now, every so often I'll see that familiar style creep up and I cringe.  
It's time to lay it to rest.  
The aforementioned Boots

I read you worked as a production assistant on the Today Show. There seems to be a lot of women wearing some fantastic boots on that show.
Yes! The Today Show is fashion heaven.  I think they walk the line of classy/sexy effortlessly--from head to toe.  The attention to footwear is definitely impeccable.  Boots of all shades, textures and heights are worn on that show, but I have to say I love the way Savannah Guthrie works her boots.  And Tamron Hall is a boot lover as well.  She's shorter then Savannah, so her opts for the sky height styles.

What was it like working there (Today Show)?  Did you have a lot of interaction with the people that appear on camera?   How early in the morning did you have to be at work?  How late did you stay to plan the next day’s show?
Working for the NBC Network was an amazing experience, but not for the faint of heart.  I worked every schedule you can imagine, from the crack of dawn till the afternoon, the afternoons until night and even the overnight desk shift...watching the overnight travels of the President, Secretary of State, etc.  Working in the District of Columbia we handled all of the live hits that came out of Washington.  So if you see Andrea Mitchell,  David Gregory, Tom Costello or Lisa Myers coming live from Washington, we used the help coordinate those live shots.  So, yes, I worked very closely with all of them.  Especially with MSNBC, I assisted with "Hardball with Chris Mathews" and "Morning Joe" with Mika and Joe.  I had a blast working with them all.  One thing I learned about TV folks--as conservative and straight laced as they seem on the air, they are just as candid and inappropriately hilarious off air.  One thing I loved about working there, is that you never knew who would walk through those doors.

How would you compare hosting Living Dayton, 
a lifestyle show, to being a news reporter?
 I would say reporting news and hosting "Living Dayton" have many similarities.  Although one is obviously harder and the other is lighter, we are still doing a community service of providing information to our community.  Just as residents need to know about an accident or a traffic congestion, it's important for them to be aware of events, fundraisers and other great ways to explore and energizer their community through involvement.  And I think involvement is the key.  A show like ours in my opinion, really answers the question "What is there to do around here?"  And I think everyone, aside from folks that live in  a major city swear there is NOTHING to do in their town--but "Living Dayton" really gives you those answers topically and makes you aware of ways you can take advantage of and give back to your community. Not to mention we shine a spotlight on so many unsung and unknown people that are keeping the wheels turning in our community.  It was definitely an adjustment for me, but I feel good about what I do.  Even though I am not reporting on a fire or a drug bust, I really feel there is balance in what we provide our community. 

What’s the typical work day for you? Is the next day’s show planned before you leave, or do you do you prepare the day of the show?
 A typical day starts around 8:30am for me.  Usually, the show is pretty much done from the day before, so I just prepare my notes and tighten things up.  We have our morning meeting to go over logistics and then try to do a brief meet and greet with the guests before we go live at noon.  Once we go off air, we begin producing and writing for the next day.  And of course there are a number of incidents that pop up in between, like guest cancellations, animals running wild in the studio and the occasional missing intern lol.  Just another day! 

What have you found out about Dayton, Ohio, that really surprised you?
 For me, I've know Dayton was big on aviation, of course since the Wright Brothers worked their magic right here, but I didn't realize how heavily that history is still interwoven in the community, from certain restaurants and businesses to the events that take place in town.  I'm not completely surprised given the rich history, but it is interesting to see the current adaptation and how folks pay homage to those memories.  

I have read that you have done a fair amount of theater acting.  I LOVE live theater. What has been your favorite part to play so far in that career?  What role do you REALLY WANT TO PLAY sometime?
This will make me sound like a total dork, but I loved playing Cha Cha in "Grease."  It is one of my favorite movies and I actually was in the musical during my senior year...yeah, perfect timing!  I've been taking ariel silk class, so I am very into using my angles and dancing right now. I would have to say being in a musical like Chicago that is heavily choreographed and celebrates femininity would be right up my alley. 

How well did being a former pageant contestant and queen 
help you prepare for television and theater?
 Being a former pageant queen was great for me.  I was painfully shy growing up, and knowing that I wanted do something in broadcast, I just consistently put myself in out there.  From talent contests to theatre productions.  I think I really found a natural grove in pageants though--it helped me sharpen my poise and the ability to present under pressure. 

For someone who has always thought they should spend some time volunteering, what would you say to them to convince them to go for it? 
 I think everyone should be for something.  I love this quote I heard on Oprah's Master Class, "Service is the price you pay for taking up space on the Earth."  And just as the earth gives back we should do the same.  I would say, start small.  Find out what cause gets you going. Maybe someone in your family is struggling with a disease or disorder, and you could speak on their behalf to help rise awareness.  It doesn't have to be a grand gesture--the tiniest thing can snowball into something gigantic.

If someone offered you the choice of these four jobs, 
which one would you take?  
1) Host of the Today Show      
2) A reporter on 60 Minutes 
3) Network News Foreign Correspondent   
4) Host of The Miss USA Pageant
If I was offered any of those four jobs, it would have to be 
The Today Show... second would be Foreign Corespondent 

Just like Ashley and Lisa, Vanessa put a lot of effort in to the interview. I REALLY, REALLY appreciate her candidness, enthusiasm, and insight. As you have read she is a woman of many interests and talents and experiences and we are very privileged to have her as a fan of the Blog.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for allowing us to interview you Vanessa!!!

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