Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Connecticut Boot Battle

Do they REALLY need the damn table sitting there? 
I would volunteer, they wouldn't have to pay me, 
to stand off-camera, holding the table and I would 
carry it on set, if they found out they 
really needed it  during the segment.
I am guessing they don't really need the table.
The only purpose that it's serving here is to block our 
Boot views of Dr. Jill Deupi, who showed up to Black Leather 
Boot Battle Teresa LaBarbera on Connecticut Style.

Kim Kardashian Knows How to Wear Boots

Amelia Santaniello has Fancy Tights and Black Leather Boots

Savannah is Stylin' Suede

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Over the Knee Black Suede for Margie Ellisor

Su-Ling Goh Has Some AWESOME NEW BOOTS!!!

Just like Tiffany Lizée's Boots, I LOVE the height of these Boots. 
We've only seen Su-Ling wear a more classic style of 
Knee High Black Leather Boots. 
In my humble opinion, these Boots are even better. 
WELL DONE Su-Ling!!!

WELCOME to the BLOG Tiffany Lizée!!!!

Tiffany is a weather specialist on Global TV in Regina, Saskatchewan.
Our Canadian contributor sent these photos of Tiffany
sporting some awesome Grey Leather Boots.
Absolutely LOVE the height on these Boots!!

Rachel Lagacé makes her Blog debut in Black Leather

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributor

Sangita is sitting down on the job

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributor

Misha DiBono shows off her Tall Black Suede

DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

More Black Leather Booted Natalie Morales in HIGH DEFINITION

MANY THANKS jake!!!!