Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Amelia Santaniello WCCO Minneapolis Black Leather Boots

Sheinelle Jones Fox 29 Philadelphia

You probably want to FF this video to about 3:30 for the first good glimpse of boots

Pennsylvania is the 12th state this year.

Lisa Remillard KTNV Las Vegas

Nevada is 11

Kiran Chetry TALL Black Leather Boots

The video is a little dark but it looks like the boots go up to her knees and she's wearing black tights.

Black & Blue Boot Battle on The Today Show

 Both wearing blue and black outfits with dark nylons and black boots. Ann in suede, Natalie in leather.

Anna Kooiman Fox Rising In Charlotte North Carolina

Not the best views in the video but Anna's cute and she's booted.

Margie Ellisor Fox 2 News In St. Louis

That makes nine states on my New Year's Resolution list: Maine, New York, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Oklahoma,Tennessee, California, New Mexico and Missouri.