Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kristi Capel visits the ponies


Kristi Capel Starts The Boot Season In Cleveland

I'd prefer taller boots and dark nylons, but there's plenty of you that prefer this look. ENJOY!

Cheap Chick Erin Schneider makes her Boot Season Debut

Believe me, it is not typical October boot weather in Minneapolis.  Maybe that explains the Cheap Chick's shorter than usual boots.

Let's Talk Live guest Mary Abbajay disappointed Natasha and Melanie didn't join her in a boot battle

Beige Boot Lovers Beware! The Boots are so Light, they're almost White

This, of course, is Erica Fox of Fox TV in sunny San Diego.
I always loved white boots and I think Erica's are about as close as we're going to come this year on a news woman.  That is, unless one of our favorites decides to do a story and dons a NFL cheerleader uniform.......


Would Be Better With Black Nylons

Another St. Louis newswoman, Randi Naughton, 
makes her boot season blog debut.

Randi Naughton Video Link


Virginia Is Battling To Be The St. Louis Boot Queen

Kourtney Kardashian In A Mustard Yellow Tunic And Retro Thigh High Brown - NO - ORANGE Leather Boots!!!

Style Expert Amy Tara Koch and a model BOOT UP on the Today Show

It's really too bad guest hostess Kris Jenner didn't borrow a pair of thigh high boots from her daughter Kim Kardashian ..... Damn that would of been great. 


Is Jenna Wolfe Wearing Thigh High Boots?

Based on her history I would guess probably not BUT I would like to read comments of what you think.  This picture shows up at about the 2:55 of the Video embeded below.
At least it's close enough to make us think about it.


It's A Good Day Wisconsin When A Booted Angela Kelly Goes For A Ride

Good Day Wisconsin is on Fox 11 
in Green Bay and Appleton Wisconsin.