Saturday, December 31, 2011

Melody Mendez Booted On Facebook

Anny Hong is back in black

BIG Thanks to gyuro for introducing us to Anny

Alexandra Cowley is gorgeous, especially in Black Leather OTK Boots


Patti Ann Browne on Red Eye

When Greg Gutfeld introduces Patti Ann, he says "Look at her booots".  So I did. And I grabbed some pics.

Michelle Grossman boots up on The 10! Show

The 10! Show was the source of many posts last season as LuAnn Cahn booted up often. This year's hostess, Jillian Mele (in red below), has not continued the boot wearing this year. Hopefully colder weather hits Philly in 2012 and Jillian breaks out teh boots. Meanwhile Michelle Grossman filled in on the show and brought along her black suede boots.

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Frances Rivera And Tamsen Fadal Boot Battle

Thank you jaynorris117

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Many Faces of Annalee Penny

Alexis Vance is brown suede booted in the Valley of the Sun

Guest Jamie Yasko-Mangum boots up on Good day Orlando

How to revamp a resume for the new year:

Kristi Capel is black leather booted in Cleveland


Kim Insley was black leather booted today

Actress Dyan Cannon proves 74 is not too old for thigh high boots

Didn't want to wait til next year to see Natalie Kane and her BIG and BEAUTIFUL BROWN LEATHER BOOTS?

Savannah boot battles Time Magazine's Executive Editor Radhika Jones

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Savannah and Tamron boot battle for Matt's Birthday

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