Monday, June 17, 2013

ANOTHER BLAST FROM THE PAST: Erin Andrews in Black Leather Over The Knee Boots

Freedom 43's Sara Celi Brings Black Leather To The Blog

A Booted Brooke

CNN's Brianna Keilar Is Down With Wearing Boots

Former MTV Total Request Live Hostess LaLa Anthony Has Taupe Givenchy Shark Lock Fold Over Boots

Question Time

OK, I am going to blatantly rip off 
an idea from another Blog.
That Blog is the UniwatchBlog
The proprietor of the Blog is Paul Lukas, and last week 
he graciously posted a link to our Blog, 
after one of you fantastic readers commented there about how 
our Blog may be kind of uniform related.
The Uniwatchblog has been operating since May 17th, 2006, although Paul wrote his first Uni Watch column for the Village Voice in May, 1999. 
Here's an explanation of the Blog from the site itself.
Uni Watch is a media project that deconstructs the finer points of sports uniforms in obsessive and excruciating detail. It has nothing to do with fashion — it’s about documenting and maintaining the visual history of sports design, and about minutiae fetishism as its own reward. If that concept doesn’t make sense to you, no problem — Uni Watch definitely isn’t for everyone, and there have always been people who Don’t Get It™. But for those who understand the pleasures of detail obsession, programmatic classification systems, information overload, and sports history, you’ve come to the right place.
Paul also sometimes shares his thoughts on other interesting parts of life and history, including vintage signs, old buildings, other participant sports like bowling and curling and one of my favorites, 
the preparation and consuming of MEAT!!
Paul was very gracious when I sent him a Thank You note after linking to our Blog, so I would especially appreciate it if you DID YOURSELF A FAVOR and VISITED the UniwatchBlog.
NOW, on to the idea I am stealing.
I would like to invite you readers
to ask me Questions. 
Questions about Boots, Questions about the Blog, 
Questions about me, Questions about anything.
I will do my best to answer them all in a follow up 
Post sometime in the near future. 
I will not use anyone's real name 
or email address in the Post.