Monday, December 19, 2011

Here's Virginia in Brown Leather

How many Doctors do you know that wear Over the Knee Grey Suede Boots?

WOW!!  This Dr. Teresa Knight of Women's Health Specialists in St. Louis. It's too bad it wasn't Virginia Kerr conducting the interview as Virginia was decked out on Knee High Brown Leather today. That would have been quite the Boot Battle.

Heather Tesch And Jen Carfagno Booted On The Weather Channel

Thank you beppier

Nikki Stanzione Off the shoulder blouse and tan leather boots


It's beauty expert Celeste Hill in black leather, and cozy in cream is Erica Fox of Fox 5 in San Diego.


Erica Fox in cream and green

Erica Fox in Boots Video Link


Jean Chatzky goes with grey and green

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Kim Murphy in black leather boots


Welcome to the Blog, Dawn Lopez !!!

I get very excited when I get to post new additions to the blog's roster of booted newswomen.  Dawn is the newscaster on the Fox 30 Morning News in jacksonville, Florida. I hope to see you again Dawn!

Michelle Linn is black leather booted

Mobile Boot Battle

Here's a black leather boot battle between Cherish Lombard and Amy from the Mobile Animal Rescue Foundation, along with the Bootsniffer, Calypso.