Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kelly Ripa has boots, she just doesn't want us to see her wear them

and that's why she's running away with the lead in our Most Disappointing (Non) Boot-wearer Poll


Kelly Ripa has no bootsense but one of her assistants does


Fox Sacramento must have a new camera operator

We get to SEE Annalee Penny's Brown Leather Boots!!!

San Diego's Dr. Rose Hartzell is lovely in leather

Dr. Rose is a researcher at San Diego Sexual Medicine, whatever that means....


Lay down Shally


Houston's Melissa Wilson Wears Black Leather Boots

Nikki Stanzione and her big black boots are going to give this old-timer a heart attack

Filing Taxes:

Dancing in Phoenix

Former Miss Missouri Kristi Capel is back on the blog

Fox in Cleveland may just have the second worst 
video player of any station website I've seen. 
I think only Fox Indianapolis is worse.

Annalee is a Pixie

No boots in the video but Annalee enters her height and weight in to a computer program to check nutrition. She's five foot even and 83 Pounds!!


Jenn Frederick Brown Booted in Philly

Only a quick couple of glimpses at Jenn's boots but the video tells a nice story.

Swarthmore Senior's Quest For 1,000 Pts:

Deena Centofanti Brown Suede Booted in Motown

I know I said yesterday it may be the last time but it wasn't

At least Anna Davlantes wears nylons and looks nice in them.

Affordable Spring Break Vacation Not Out of Reach This Year: Orbitz's Jeanenne Tornatore:


Angie Mock Does the Worm in Oklahoma City

KOKH FOX 25 :: Morning News - Angie Does the Worm with Jack and Ron

Nicole Koglin Brown Leather Booted with the Brewers Dance Team