Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Phantastic Phortune of Philadelphia Photos!!

Much Appreciation to MP for these Photos! 

Jillian Mele and Michelle Grossman
Jilian Mele and Brittney Shipp

Christine Maddela and Sheena Parveen
Sheena Parveen

Jillian Mele is Giving Me PHILLY PHEVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Thanks to Philly Contributor MP

Jillian Mele

NBC 10 in Philly's Christine Maddela Likes Her Boots to Be TALL!!!!!

BIG THANKS to MP for this find!!!

Nadia Bilchik Rocks Old School Black Leather

BIG  THANK YOU to mstman1 for finding this!!!

Erin Como Is Living The Tennessee Dream

Fox Sports Detroit Girl Brittney's Black Leather Sunday

Black Leather for Chris Jansing

The Cheap Chick Boots Up for National Tartan Day

Fox Sports Florida Girl Annilie is Booted in the Front Row

Brittney Shipp is IMPRESSIVE in Big Black Leather

THANK YOU M.P. for the photos

Coming to us from Hamilton, Ontario, Canads is Lesley Stewart

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor!!!

Tall Brown Leather for Erin Andrews

THANK YOU to D.R. for sending this pic!!