Friday, February 24, 2012

Nikki Makes It A Tan Leather Day

Dawn Stevens Boots Up For The Friday Dance Off

The GREAT NEWS And The Not As Great News

The Great News, and I mean REALLY GREAT NEWS is that KDVR in Denver upgraded their video player.
And THAT means BETTER QUALITY pics of Melody Mendez.
The bad news is that the camera angle they used today only shows us the very tops of Melody's black leather boots. But what a lovely outfit Melody is wearing that goes great with those boots of a perfect height.

Ashleigh Banfield in classic black leather knee highs

THANK YOU to beppier for the alert and a SPECIAL THANK YOU to Bernie for the pictures.


Fox 2 in St. Louis recently upgraded their video player.
What's that mean for us?
Better quality pictures of Margie Ellisor and her Over the Knee Black Suede Boots!!!
THANKS for upgrading KTVI !!!

Rachel Lutzker's Fans Love Brown Suede


Fox Sports Detroit Girls Are Back

We last saw Allison and Lauren in this post and they're back today, this time Lauren going over the knee in black leather!!!!!

Fiona Uses Grey Suede OTKs To Get Back On The Bog