Friday, October 21, 2011


I only had one post.  There have been 13 today.
In 2010, there was 66 posts.
So far 2011 has had 1572 posts.
Thanks for your readership and support!


Elizabeth Ries is Black Leather Booted

Twin Cities Live Friday October 21st Segments


Everyone's Favorite PrincessSister Steps Out In Brown Suede OTKs

PIPPA !!!!!!!!

I Owe You All An Apology. I Missed A Milwaukee Boot Battle

This is from September 28th and I missed it. So I apologize to all of you Nicole Koglin fans, all of the Real Milwaukee fans, all of the Amanda Guralski fans and to all  black leather boot fans. 
And for those who didn't know, Nicole is pregnant, so I don't know how that affect our boot sightings. But CONGRATS to her anyway. 


Lacey Lett may have met her match in this boot battle as the model is wearing some wonderful High Dark Brown Suede Boots.  I LOVE Lacey's Sweater and Boots combo as well. It seems that in a lot of the pictures, Lacey can't take her eyes off of the suede.

I Would Have Ate At Subway Every Day For Five Years If I Would Have Known That Some Day I'd End Up Dancing With A Booted Anna Kooiman

Yep, that's Jared, the Subway sandwich guy. He can't dance, he ain't good looking but he ends up with Anna Kooiman (at least for a few minutes).
Some guys have all the luck.

I love the little foot twist Anna is doing here !!!


Sweater dresses, tights, high boots. It doesn't get any better than it was during the Fashion Friday segment on WCCB-TV, Fox Charlotte.  The guest is Jacque Ellis, a fashion expert. I'll say she's an expert because I LOVE her sense in fashion.  There's some good close-ups of her black leather over the knee boots. Normally OTKs would be enough to win this boot battle but seeing Anna stand in my favorite pose, hands behind the back with her feet spread apart makes this one a very enjoyable boot battle draw!

Tracey the Tiger is loose in Ohio

On Guard! Karli Ritter Is Fencing In Boots And Tights

Caught a partial view of Karli's boots yesterday. Not enough for it's own post but worth adding here.