Saturday, December 17, 2011


Christmas came eight days early for me this year as a present I've been been wanting to unwrap for a couple of years was 'under my tree' this morning. Joy Lim Nakrin of KSTP in Minneapolis-St. Paul was finally booted on the news this morning. She's interviewing the county sheriff, who I'm sure arrested her as soon as the interview was over.  
The charge: "Beautiful in Boots" 

Author Candice Millard is booted back home in KC

Kansas City's JiaoJiao Shen makes her blog debut

Allison Seymour is happily booted in DC

Nikki New Mexico wears her big brown boots

I'm not sure what is wrong with Fox New Mexico's video but yesterday's was all grainy and horrible for grabbing caps.  It's strange but the commercial that runs before the segment is clear as can be.
Our rotten luck ....