Monday, February 27, 2012

Zoraida makes her CNN boots debut

Thank you to beppier for the alert and a HUGE THANK YOU to DaveD for the pictures!!

Some Alix Kendall Boot close-ups

Minnesota Black Suede Boot Battle

In the corner to my left, standing five feet zero inches, with blonde hair, wearing a short black dress, black sweater with silver sequins, dark nylons and thigh high black suede boots. From myTalk 107.1 FM radio, the Challenger, Julia Cobbs. 
In the corner to my right, standing five feet, one half inch tall, with brunette hair, wearing a black top with white polka dots, a red cardigan with black skirt, dark nylons and black suede boots that go right to the knee cap. From the Fox 9 Buzz, the Champion, Alix Kendall.

NatMo Is Back In Big Brown Leather

Shannon Mulaire will wake you up on a Monday morning

Anny Hong starts out the week with brown leather boots

BIG THANKS to gyuro for this alert!