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A BOOT BONANZA For Michelle Apon And Friends

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For a while now, I've wanted to try and add a regular feature to the Blog where we get to interview a newswoman about their jobs, 
cities where they work and about Boots, of course.
I finally gathered up the courage to ask for an interview
 and Ashley Kringen of KFOR in Oklahoma City 
graciously agreed to an email interview.
You will always hold a special place on our Blog as the very first interview subject!!

What were your first thoughts when you found out there was a Blog called “The Appreciation of Booted Newswomen”?

I saw the tweet and wondered what is the Booted Blog? Then I clicked on the twitter handle and thought it was unique & interesting to see a bunch of newswomen rocking boots all over the country. I’m a firm believer in boot fashion, so after I checked out the blog, I was flattered to be a part of it.

What do you think of the Blog?  Have you had a chance to look at it much?

The blog to me gives credit to the true appreciation of the boot world. There definitely seems to be a trend of booted women all over the country, but along with fashion, comes durability. Reporters never know what weather conditions they’re going to be battling and for me, boots are always my go to.

Have any of your colleagues in the business mentioned the Blog to you?

I haven’t had any colleagues mention the Booted Blog to me, but when I see ladies sporting boots in the news world, I tend to mention the blog and let them know, they might make an unexpected appearance one day.

Have you always been a Boot Lover?

Yes, boots have always had a place in my closet. I grew up in South Dakota, so I’m a cowgirl at heart. I have nearly a dozen pairs of cowgirl boots in different styles, textures and colors.

Do you always buy new Boots every fall when the new fashions come out?
During season changes, I always check what’s trending on the shelves. This past season, I enjoyed the equestrian/riding boots that seemed to take the boot world by storm.  I got a tan and black pair that have gotten a lot of use out of them between Fall and Spring.

Where are your favorite spots to shop for Shoes and Boots?

Aldo, Steve Madden, Boot Barn and Shoe Dazzle are my top rated shoe shopping places.

Is there a certain pair of boots you wish you had? What is the Style, Color, Height, Heel?

I’m really into tiffany blue right now. I would love a pair of tiffany blue suede cowgirl boots, with a one-inch heel and possibly a floral design on them.

Is there any style of Boots that women wear that you absolutely would NOT wear? Why?

Boots with a thick platform are not my style, mainly because they don’t feel as feminine to me.

How has your move from Sioux Falls to Oklahoma City gone?  Have you ever lived in that part of the country?

The move has been a fairly easy transition. It helps that I’m doing a job I love, which allows me to adapt anywhere.

How soon after you started at KFOR did the devastating tornadoes hit Oklahoma?
The tornadoes hit four days after I started the job. It was an eye-awakening experience and professionally and emotionally challenging.

Did it help your transition to a new station and city to have a big story to cover right away?

It was a very challenging learning experience for me. With each report, I got to know quality of people in Oklahoma. Through tragedy and devastation, courage and perseverance evolved. The strength of Oklahomans is truly inspiring.

Did it help you personally deal with the sadness of the event to see all of the volunteers and rescuers and the goodness of humanity that came out after the storms?

I had to report on some heart-wrenching stories of loss of life, property and a whole community mourning together. However, reporting survivor stories helped shed a light on all the darkness. My favorite story I did during the devastating tornadoes was when I got to play Santa Clause and hand out a gift cards to storm victims. Watching their faces light up and smiles form from ear-to-ear was an incredible sight to see. I felt lucky to be a part of those moments.

Are TV reporting styles different at KFOR and OKC than they were at KDLT in Sioux Falls?

As far as reporting styles in different television markets, I would say they’re pretty much the same. Everything I learned in Sioux Falls, I soaked up like a sponge and applied it to my station in OKC.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to get in to broadcasting?

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be in the spotlight. I was always singing and dancing and being the star of my own show. Then when I hit college, I knew, television was exactly where I wanted to be.

If someone offered you the choice of these four jobs, which one would you take?  
1) Host of the Today Show      2) A reporter on 60 minutes 
3) War Correspondent overseas    4) Host of The Voice

I would choose option #2 because I would like an opportunity to spend more time developing stories rather than condensing them into 90 seconds or less. 60 Minutes offers investigative reports, in depth features and gets to the bottom of serious issues through “gotcha journalism.”

              THANK YOU SO MUCH Ashley.
As you can see, Ashley spent time and gave us some very thoughtful answers and insights.
She didn't just mail it in. We're very fortunate to have Ashley as a fan of our Blog!!

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