Monday, February 20, 2012


That's about 10 more posts than I planned on doing today. I'm tired, time to lay down.
It's a helluva good way to end the day.

Have You Been Missing Natasha And Melanie?

Let's Talk Live's Website/Blog hasn't been updated since January 20th, so I've been fearful the show was no longer on the air.

I was wrong.  They're just posting their videos on their Facebook Page
Here Natasha boot battles City Shop Girl Kelly Collis!

Kristen Van Dyke Makes It Back To The Blog

Kristen's arm was in a sling for a while. I'm glad for her that's gone.
Booting up always helps the healing process.

More Alix Kendall In Boots

A Rare Alix Kendall treat

It's not rare that we see Alix booted, au contraire, we see her booted often. It's just that most of the time we can only see her boots from the shins up.  This time, when workout dude hits the floor, we get some full boot views.

In A More Perfect World, We'd Be Seeing Marion Brooks In Boots Videos Every Day

View more videos at:

Lacey Lett Returns To The Blog

Lacey, PLEASE, just once this year, can you unfold the 
tops of those boots  and make them in to Over the Knee Boots?

Juliet Huddy Is Back In Boots