Thursday, April 12, 2012

Have you already seen enough of Elizabeth Ries and her big brown boots?



Elizabeth Ries Is Wearing Her Big Brown Leather Steve Madden Boots!!!

Orange you glad she is?


Elizabeth Ries Still Has Boots In Her Closet


Fox 40 in Sacramento Has A New Reporter

The woman on the far left is Zohreen Adamjee.  She's been on Fox 40 for the past week or so.  
I am not sure if she is filling in for Annalee, replacing Annalee or if it's just coincidence that she was brought on board now.  Annalee still has a page on their web site so 
In the meantime, Zohreen is very pretty and I'm sure she'll be a great addition at KTXL.
Hopefully Zohreen has watched some video of Annalee and has taken note of the great variety and absolute awesomeness of AP's boot collection and decides to try and emulate her. 

Wouldn't it be something, if someday real soon, it gets real cold in Sacramento and there on the comfy red couch, celebrating Annalee Penny's return to airwaves is Zohreen, Bethany Crouch, Alisa Becerra, Sabrina Rodriguez, and of course, Annalee? And they all are wearing boots?
WOW.  There I go dreaming out loud again.........

Leyna Nguyen Is Singing In Black Leather

Leyna is hosting a fundraiser and breaks out in song about half way through this home video

Leyna Nguyen Boots Up In LA

These photos are courtesy of aztec.  
THANK YOU aztec for the pics!!

Leyna is an anchor on the 4 PM and 9 PM newscasts on KCAL in Los Angeles.  She was raised in Minnesota and worked in Sacramento so it's no wonder she knows how to wear boots.