Thursday, February 24, 2011

Maybe Leah Remini should be removed from the Most Disappointing Poll


Virginia Booted

Vivian Greentree, Director of Research & Policy and 2010 Heroes at Home finalist is booted.

Diana Pierce In Minneapolis

University of Cincinnati student shows up to Boot Battle the Queen City Boot Queen

Fox Detroit Guest is Black Suede Booted

Nylon clad Nikki New Mexico does a little dance

Destination Diva :

Kristen is black suede booted in New Mexico

Clothing Bank :

I like how they think in Ohio

We met Pamela Peckerman in Cincinnati yesterday when she was wearing OTK Black leather Boots. Today she travelled to Columbus to talk Spring fashion. Lo and behold, the first model in the SPRING fashion show is wearing Knee High Brown Leather Boots


WTTE FOX 28 - Good Day Columbus - TUESDAY: Spring Fashions

Amy Lutz and Makeover recipient Marcie Hatfield in a Columbus Boot Battle

More musical boots in Austin

ILH, IGH: Kids in a New Groove:

Cheap Chick gets caught with her fingers in the boot top

You can skip this post if you're only interested in boots

No boots but Annalee Penny is so damn cute and I just love Yellow!


Can't do this without my friends

THANKS to Gyuro again for this heads up. I started watching this clip yesterday, saw the dude at the beginning and moved on to something else. I try to get to so many stations/videos each day that I'm going to miss some. So if you find something I missed, please comment here. Thanks

Increase Home Value through Curb Appeal:

Sheinelle Second Time This Week

I just wish the other lady had booted up as well ....

The Big Hurt visits Good Day Chicago and it hurts me Big Time that Anna Davlantes doesn't wear Bigger Boots

Frank Thomas Helps Celebrate Topps Anniversary:

Cute -N- Boots

Tulsa's Michelle Linn proves you can be both

C'mon Nicole, where's your big boots?

We haven't seen your OTKs since before the Super Bowl.


Damn Table is in the way but Angie Mock is booted in OKC

KOKH FOX 25 :: Morning News - Jack & Ron Talk "Idol" in Vegas

I missed Sara Haines yesterday

Sorry Sara. Better late than never.

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Milwaukee Financial Advisor hosed and booted

Alison Gilman Aquino


Finally, Clear Views of a Booted Vu

I've been checking that show but missed this day somehow, but a HUGE THANKS to Gyuro for alerting us to this Booted View of Dao Vu.

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