Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Look At Naomi Pescovitz's Gorgeous Saturday Outfit

Alexa Conomos Is Dynamite In Dallas

THANK YOU to MRF for sending the link

I hate those Gannett graphics.
Why do they have to run for the whole story?

Dawn Stevens Was Booted On The Buzz

A Really Interesting Outfit For Jill Nicolini Includes White Go Go Boots

QVC's Jennifer Coffey Personifies A Classic Look

Sharla Scores In Scranton

WNEP's Sharla McBride played baseball in Boots 
with the Wyoming Valley Challenger  team

Movie Critic And Comedian Carey Reilly Was The Star Of The Show

BIG THANK YOU to Jake for the video

Today Show Contributor Elizabeth Mayhew Shows Off Her Saturday Boots

BIG THANK YOU to Jake for the video

Margie Ellisor Resumes Her Endless Boot Battle With Dr. Kathleen Bercherlmannn

It seems that every time the Good Doctor is on
stlmoms she is wearing Boots.