Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Alix Kendall was Booted on December 28th

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The Retro Jen Carfagno Makes Me Long For The 60s

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Amelia Santaniello Returns from the Holidays Wearing Black Leather Boots

The Fox Sports Florida Girls Boot Up for Basketball

Anna Kooiman celebrated New Year's Eve in Boots

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Gretchen Jensen is a TOWERING presence in Grey Leather Boots

IT'S A TORONTO BOOT BONANZA with Minna Rhee, Jennifer Valentyne and Sangita Patel

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Terri Apostle is Back on the Blog

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Jackie Bruno is Brown Leather Booted on New England Cable News

Jennifer Valentyne and guest Melissa Millet Boot Battled in Toronto

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Erin Hawley makes her Little Rock Debut in Black Leather Boots!!

Holly Morgan says she has a LOT of BOOTS


Nikki's Boot Bonanza Keeps Rollin' On

Joy Bauer begins the New Year in Black Suede Boots!!