Friday, May 27, 2011

Some American Idol Boots

English Lass Joanna Rice Presents The Weather In Leather

Wow. Red leather skirt and black leather jacket and boots.
 I could watch that weather report even if I'm not crossing the pond.

Virginia Kerr Looks NICE in NYLONS!!!

When Virginia's there, it's a Great Day in St. Louis.

Sand Diego Dancing

Dancers include mommys to be Chrissy Russo and Shally Zomorodi. Lots of fun in the land of sun, sand and surf.


Lots o Robin Meade in Boots Photos

including some photos of Robin at the Grand Ol' Opry

Chrissy Russo is brown leather booted in San Diego

Most guys would get excited about the chick in the bikini top but here I am checking out the boots. 
Hmmm. Not that I don't enjoy the bikini but...


Normally I wanted get very excited about shin high boots. 
But it's Ali Fedotowsky. It's San Diego. 

Catching up with Beth Hunt

Tera Barz is leggy in Jacksonville

Hopefully Tera "Boots up" often this fall. I just can't see any more boots in Jacksonville until then. It would be awesome to see Tera, Sharon Wilbur and Dawn Lopez get in to some intense boot battles!!

Anna Kooiman Dancing in Pink and White??

It doesn't get much better than this.