Thursday, January 19, 2012

LA Weather Girl Jackie Johnson is back in black and tan

Jodi Applegate boots up again


Baltimore's Megan Gilliland boots up for fitness

THANKS to rich for this alert. 
Seeing Megan booted was a Holy Grail for rich 
so we're particularly happy for him.

Elizabeth boots up on a cold day in Minnesota


News out of Boston

Welcome to The Revolution

The Revolution is ABC's latest daytime talk show.  Dr. Jennifer Ashton is someone we've seen booted on CBS for years and she wears black suede for the inaugural episode of this show.

More Annalee boot close-ups

Virginia Adds A Nice Twist To Her Boot Wearing

When I first saw the top Virginia was wearing, I thought 'ho-hum' pretty much the same outfit as yesterday. BUT when the camera panned out, there was Virginia wearing thick white "boot socks", which I love because it gives the same visual as legwarmers, which I loved back in the 80s.  Thanks Virginia, for adding that spice to your boot recipe today.


More Annalee from the Cal Expo

Too bad that poncho is so big, but we do get a couple good views of Annalee's boots!!!

Melody Boots Up For A Penguin Visit

Annalee is ready for fishing