Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whose Boots Are These?

1. She is a native of Colorado
2. Although she has worked at Colorado stations, 
she is no longer working in that state
3. Currently she is working in another market that 
has been featured on this Blog A LOT
4. She has only been on this Blog once before,
but that's more my fault than hers
(and she wasn't wearing these boots in that post)
5. Her last name starts with a D
6. She was married on September 8


It's Been Over Two Years Since We Have Seen Jennifer Jolly

We've seen Jennifer before when 7 Live was 
still on the air on KGO in San Francisco.
Here Jennifer meets up with 
Deirdre Fitzpatrick in Sacramento.

Deirdre has also Been Busy in Boots

We're Not Horsing Around, Amy Hollyfield of KGO in San Francisco Looks Great in Boots

Let's Travel to Northern Michigan

Now, Northern Michigan is not the same as the 
Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Northern Michigan is commonly referred to as the 
Northern part of the Lower Peninsula. 

Meteorologist Katie Dupree  of Channels 9&10 
in Cadillac and Sault Sainte Marie

Sara Simnitch  of Channels 9&10 
in Cadillac and Sault Sainte Marie

Erika Erickson (left)  of Channels 29&8 
in Sault Sainte Marie and Traverse City

If It's Wednesday, It Must Be Boots Day In Arlington

Frances Rivera's Booted Facebook Pictures

Lindsey Hayes of WXOW Becomes Our First La Crosse, Wisconsin Newscaster On The Blog