Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Boot Top Views of Boston's JC Monahan

Travel Media Specialist Jorden Hutchison Boots Up on The Rush

A Twin Cities Live DREAM Boot Battle Match Up

The ADORABLE Ellen McNamara guest hosts 
TCL with Blog Favorite Elizabeth Ries. 

Whose Boots Are These?

THE LUCK OF THE IRISH!! Indianapolis Leprechaun Doesn't Find a Pot 'O' Gold at the End of the Rainbow But Instead Finds Angela Ganote in Boots

Angela Ganote Video Link

Here's another photo of Angela 

Let's Go Visit Shannon Smith In The Triad

Hall of Fame Contenders

I thought I'd put together a little primer on the leading contenders for this year's Hall of Fame Voting.
You can click on anyone's name to see all of the times they have been featured on the Blog.

Amelia Santaniello has 26 posts on the Blog.  She has really benefited this year from WCCO's (Minneapolis) set redesign. We have seen her often on the Comfy Red Couch wearing Over the Knee Black Leather Boots.

Bethany Crouch has 81 posts on the Blog. She has been a fixture on the Blog for over two years.  She has worn a nice variety of Boots, including Over the Knee Black Leather Boots. She is a dedicated Boot wearer even in Sacramento's relatively warm climate. She also has been supportive of the Blog.

Carrie Keagan has 23 posts on this Blog.  She specializes in Over the Knee Boots.  She has worn them mostly in Black Leather, but also in Brown Leather, Purple Suede, Black Suede and Sand Colored Suede. She benefits from a nationwide VH1 audience.

Cherish Lombard has 37 posts on this Blog. She has replied on Twitter to the Blog's Tweets and is VERY positive about the Blog.  She first appeared on December 12, 2011 and wears a great variety of Boots, although have never worn Over the Knee Boots may hurt her candidacy this year.

Frances Rivera has 28 posts on this Blog. She has worn a great variety of Boots, Leather and Suede, OTK, Knee High and Calf High. Her chances this year may have been hurt by being out on maternity leave for the first half of the current Boot season.

Jenna Wolfe has 35 posts on this Blog. She is helped by her national exposure on the Today Show, but will most certainly be hurt by wearing the same Calf High Leather Boots on all of her in-studio appearances EVER SINCE SHE STARTED on The Today Show.  She often does wear true knee highs over pants during recorded segments.

Lisa Ferguson has 17 posts on this Blog, with her first coming just two and a half months ago. Her candidacy will be helped by the fact that she recorded this video and posted it on TYT University's You Tube page. 

Margie Ellisor has 109 posts on this Blog. Should be a no doubt Hall of Famer. Has wore Boots in a GREAT variety of colors and lengths and as you can see by the number of posts, she wears them often.

Natalie Kane has 66 posts on the the Blog. She too, has benefited from WCCO's Comfy Red Couch, although she has yet to wear her Brown Leather Over the Knee Boots this year.

Natalie Morales has 114 posts on the Blog. She has all of the credentials to be a Hall of Famer. She wears Boots often, many varieties and colors and is the trendiest Boot wearer on the Today Show.  

Nicole Koglin has 93 posts on the Blog. She was the second newswoman (after Alix Kendall) EVER featured on this Blog. She wears Boots often and has gone Over the Knee in both Black and Brown Leather.  

Nikki Stanzione has 64 posts on this Blog. The Pride of Albuquerque wears a variety of Boots including an awesome pair of  Chocolate Brown Leather Over the Knee Boots

Tamsen Fadal has 65 posts on this Blog. Her Boot wearing has diminished a little after her move from WPIX's morning news but she was maybe the first newswoman to acknowledge the Blog when she posted about us on Facebook.  Not a great variety of Boots but has gone Over the Knee in Black Suede.

Teresa LaBarbera has 40 posts on this Blog. No one has benefited greater from a station's update to their video player than Teresa. She has recently added OTK Brown Leather and Knee High Brown Suede to her repertoire. 

Virginia Kerr  has quietly piled up 88 posts on this Blog. Obviously she is Booted often but might be hurt by a lack of variety. She has never gone OTK and rarely wears Black Leather. 

Michel McDermott is back on the Blog

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor

Bellacosa's Back in Brown

SWEET MELODY Is Wearing My Two MOST FAVORITE COLORS. Yellow And Black Leather

Milwaukee's Murphy has Shiny Black Leather

Minnesota Black Leather Boot Battle

A rare treat seeing Alix Kendall wear Black Leather Boots.
It's always nice to see Dawn Stevens wear her tall Black Leather Boots.

For some reason Alix changed out of her Boots, 
but THANKFULLY Dawn did not.