Thursday, November 15, 2012

A MAJOR FIND IN CANADA. Stacey Brotzel Begins Her Edmonton Career In OVER THE KNEE BLACK SUEDE BOOTS!!!

Canadian contributor for this GREAT FIND

Padma Lakshmi Went THIGH HIGH On The Jimmy Fallon Show

Heading North To Visit A Pair

THANK YOU AGAIN to one our great Canadian contributors

Lori Graham from Montreal

Avery Haines from Toronto

It's the first time we've seen WCCO's Amelia Santaniello wear these Boots

A Black Leather Day For Elizabeth Ries

Lisa looks good in black

Lisa Las Vegas is Back on the Blog

Fox Sports Southwest Girls Liddy and Kaime have matching brown suede boots

I'm sure you've noticed that the
Fox Sports Southwest Girls
have LOTS of matching Boots.
That station knows how to spend it's marketing money.
I wish the other local Fox Sports stations 
would do the same thing... 
We've seen the Fox Sports Detroit Girls
each wear Black Leather OTKs,
but not at the same time.
Wouldn't it be great to see the Fox Sports North Girls
in matching Brown Leather OTKs, 
the Fox Sports Midwest Girls in Grey Suede OTKs,
the Fox Sports West Girls in White Leather Knee Highs?
I could go on.....

Teresa LaBarbera Is Dreamy In Glasses

Teresa wasn't booted while wearing the glasses, but it made me wonder what other newswomen, who usually DON'T wear glasses, have we seen on the Blog, Booted and wearing glasses? 

 There's Robin Meade from earlier this week.
Rena Sariginapolous of Kare 11 in the Twin Cities
Lacey Lett of Great Day Green Country in Tulsa
Liz Dueweke of KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma City
and Annalee Penny, formerly of Fox 40 in Sacramento

DON'T WORRY. Jordan Carson ISN'T Bootless in Seattle

Carrie Keagan Boots Up For The Karate Kid