Thursday, October 17, 2013

Darlene Hill BRIGHTENS UP THE BLOG In Beige Leather Boots

HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to BH for this alert!!

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

THIS Is WHAT I CALL Connecticut STYLE!!!!

Teresa LaBarbera
opens her BOOT SEASON
In Brown Leather

TWO DAYS IN A ROW For Savannah Guthrie!!!!!!!


Tulsa's Kristin Dickerson Is Always The Boots Babe But Never The Bride

Hopefully after seeing this photo,
OVER THE KNEE Brown Leather Boots
will become a staple of bridesmaid apparel 

Alex Curry Is On The Ice In OVER THE KNEE Black Leather Boots

Christine Chang Is Ready For The Early Winter Weather In Denver

Courtney King STEPS UP On The Blog

You'll NEVER BE SURPRISED At What You Might Find On This Blog

Probably the first and LAST
time you'll see a newswomen Booted by a GIANT Rubber Duck...
This is Katie Anderson of WBOY

Nina Tandon Wears Funky Suede

THANKS to K for this photo

Frequent Guest Kelly DeVere Wears Black Leather On Fox 2 in St. Louis

THANK YOU to JG for the link and pictures!!!

Cowgirl Boots For Stephanie Abrams

Carrie Keagan Knows How To Walk The Red Carpet

Jillian Harris Has Beautiful Views And Beautiful Boots

Denise Johnson Boots Up On WXIX In CIncinnati