Monday, July 9, 2012

Dina Pugliese Is A Head Turner In Toronto

Back To Romania To See Rumana Rumanas

Susanna Reid lets us see her Suede Boots

Zoe Salmon shows off her supple boots

Sabrina Boots From

You may have noticed in an earlier post that Sabrina Rodriguez of Fox 40 in Sacramento posted a comment on our blog. One thing she mentioned was that she owns a pair of 'Sabrina' boots from I thought I'd share a photo of those boots. They come in black, tan and grey.  They have a 5" heel and 17 1/4" shaft height, which is a really great length. 
Beautiful Boots and they're perfectly named.

Annalee Penny Commented THREE Times Yesterday!!!!

When I started this blog I NEVER thought one of these newswomen would EVER acknowledge the blog, let alone ACCEPT it and  in fact, participate in it.  
I have to believe it's because we do this RESPECTFULLY.
I won't allow posts or comments that aren't respectful.
I just believe if you treat people with respect, they'll eventually treat you with respect.
THANK YOU Annalee (and Sabrina) for accepting our Blog.

Another One Of Our Favorite Newswomen Posts A Comment On Our Blog!!!!

Yes, Sabrina Rodriguez of Fox 40 in Sacramento posted on our blog and get this, she THANKED US for the love and support. Very cool of Sabrina to do that.
Check out her blog, Luna Lost in Thought.
I haven't had a chance to read every entry yet but what I have read is incredible. 
She is SO HONEST and raw and down to earth. 
It seems like she got in to journalism for the RIGHT reason, to tell people's stories. One thing I got out of the blog was that she is human, just like us, no better, no worse. 
Certainly doesn't come across as someone who thinks they are a TV STAR.
In her spare time, Sabrina runs marathons, is a rock climber AND plays guitar!!!!
How about that extra nice thing Sabrina did?
She promised to make a conscious effort to wear taller boots on the air this fall.
WOW, Thank you Sabrina!
She's FUN TOO!!!!