Monday, April 14, 2014

Liddy And Kaime Are Booted At The Ballpark

Meet The Former KCPQ-TV Intern Who Created Bootights

Marylyn Barnett And Emily Roehler Were BEST DRESSED At Kearney's Cattlemen's Classic

Crystle Lampitt Brings Kansas City ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

Margie Rolls Out The Red

Molly Trotter Is Turning Up The Heat In Medford


The Ladies Of Eight West Wear
KINKY BOOTS !!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Carson

Rachael Ruiz

Joy Walczak

Colorado Cool

Old Man Winter Ain't Done With Denver Yet

Natalie Thomas Is On Flood Watch

THANK YOU to our Canadian Contributor

Congratulations To Morgan Ottier Of KWQC In The Quad Cities

Celebrating The Return Of Winter

Like any Good Minnesotan,  Natalie Nyhus knows to 
NOT put away the winter clothes until June