Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Shireen Sandoval Hosts Deco Drive On WSVN In Miami

Say Hola! To Zully Ramirez de Univision Boston

I think Zully has the PERFECT PAIR of 
Black Leather Knee High Boots

The CATS Out Of The BAG. Ashlee Baracy Looks GREAT In Boots

PopStop TV Network Founder And Co-Host XiXi Yang

TV Hostess Charlie Neff Has BOOTS-A-PLENTY

Tony Award Winning Musical Kinky Boots On The Today Show

Thank You to jake for posting the video
when Savannah Guthrie TWICE mentions that she and Natalie Morales were supposed to WEAR the Kinky Boots.
Apparently, and unfortunately, they didn't fit.
The fact that Savannah and Natalie presented the segment
(and not Matt or Al or Willie) makes me think that the producers really were going to have them wear the boots.

Grace Lim Of KEZI In Eugene, Oregon Is Right On Target


LIVING DAYTON host Vanessa Freeman
ON HER BLOG!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa is not only a TV Reporter and Host but she is also a dancer, a singer, an actress, a model, a pageant queen and a volunteer. WOW!
And do you know what else she is?
THAT's RIGHT, she's a Boot Lover!!
PLEASE Visit Vanessa's page at

Your Questions Answered

A few posts ago, I said that you could write in and ask any question you like.  A few of you did and here are the answers to those questions.

Q- I know about a year ago you posted something on the blog about yourself. I don't recall that you said where you live, which I have been curious about.
A- I live in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area in the US State of Minnesota.

Q- Is your real name Barry?
A- No, it is not.  The reason I hide my real name is that I don't want to embarass my teen age children.  Not that I'm embarassed but I have no idea if they would get ridiculed if one of their classmates found out I did this.

Q-Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you just focused on the nationally know newswomen?
A- Easier yes, but not as fun or fulfilling. I knew from all of the wonderfully talented news ladies here that every TV market must be full of wonderfully talented news ladies that wear boots.  And I get a kick out of every time I find somebody that is 'new' to me.  I also like the idea that in some small way I can help out someone's career.  A lot of these ladies switch markets often and wouldn't it be great if when they start working in a new city, they already have some fans because they are known from being on the blog?

Q- Have you considered having some sort of open forum on the Blog? 
A- Considered it, yes. But from what I have seen written on forums with similar interests goes against everything I want this Blog to be about. Stuff like "She's got huge T!&$", "She's got a nice little &$$", "I'd like to...". I don't want this to be a 'caveman' site.  If you get off on writing those kind of comments, That's GREAT, BUT there's plenty of other places for you to do it.   I wouldn't want that stuff written about my daughter.  So I will never allow this Blog to have an open forum. 
I have enough work deleting those kind of comments already.

Q-  I can recall the mid 70's when I was about 10, tall boots were in fashion and I found them to be very interesting. Seems like boots were out of fashion for a long time. Or was i just not paying attention? It's just been in the last few years my love of women's boots has been rekindled. It would be interesting to hear your story that way, as well as others.
A- My memory is not perfect but I can only remember about a 6 to 7 year stretch where the boots most of us like were not in style. This was during the 1980s when 'Granny' boots seemed to be the most popular.  Around 1987 or 88, over the knee and thigh high boots made a comeback, especially in white leather.  At the time, black leather was considered the boot color of exotic dancers and ladies of the night (Pretty Woman came out in 1990), but I've heard now that white leather is associated with that life style now but I don't have any first hand knowledge of that. Knee high boots were certainly around the rest of the 90s and early 2000s with what I would call a steady incline of popularity.  But I think what has happened in the past   five years is the biggest explosion of boot wearing in our lifetime.

Q-Do you have a personal favorite kind of boots you like, and if so, what do you like?
A-Good question but a tough answer. My 'favorite' kind of changes with the wind.  Believe it or not, at one time in my life, I didn't care for OTK boots. At another time, I didn't like black leather. At another I wasn't too keen on suede. Just a couple of years ago, I never would have posted a picture of rain boots.  Right now, my favorite kind is brown leather OTK boots, like these:

Q-Two questions - with all the posts you have accumulated, what is your all-time number one viewed post?  Also, which woman has accumulated the most views, if that is easily counted?  
A- The All Time Most Viewed Post is 
titled "S.E. Cupp Lots-O-Leg. Lots-O-Boots" with 13,564 views.
It wasn't easy to count the most views for each individual newswoman but I did for a select few.   Here are the total views plus the total number of posts in parentheses. 
Robin Meade 97,294 (117)
Alix Kendall  89,063   (285)
Natalie Morales 58,941 (119)
Savannah Guthrie 52,707 (90)
Natalie Kane 23,286 (74)
Nicole Koglin 22,808 (99)
Annalee Penny  21,194   (126)
Meredith Vieira 20,311 (25)
Tamsen Fadal 19,588 (67)
S.E. Cupp 17,120 (7)
Bethany Crouch 15,728 (87)
Melody Mendez 15,006 (44)
Margie Ellisor 13,725 (117)
Carrie Keagan 12,408 (24)
Elizabeth Ries 11,518 (86)
Virginia Kerr 10,070 (89)

Q- How long will you keep doing the Blog?
A- I'd like to do it forever but things can happen in life to make you change what you focus your time and energy on. Right now this fits in, but it may not always ...