Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Elizabeth is booted AGAIN TODAY

Musicians boot battle on Fox News Rising in Charlotte

Ricki Lake goes with brown leather

THANK YOU to our anonymous tipster

Carol Volderman is one of the hosts of Loose Women on ITV

Cosmo Magazine Executive Editor Nicole Beland shines in black leather on the Today Show

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Hilary Kramer wore classic black leather boots on Fox Business

WCCO in Minneapolis debuts a new set and Angela Davis and Holly Wagner boot up for the occasion

That's Angela Davis in tan leather and 
Holly Wagner in black leather.
And Natalie Kane is looking nice in nylons!
Hopefully we'll get to see more of 
all the lovely ladies of WCCO
on the blog this season!!!!

Guest Sarah King on Great Day St. Louis

Michelle Linn is on the blog for the first time this year

Guest Tanjie Brewer breaks out the black leather on Great Day Green Country


THANKS to richb for this tip.
Sorboni Banerjee is a reporter for Fox 25 in Boston.
Rich said to watch for her in the mornings.
You can watch the Fox 25 Morning News between 6 and 10 AM ET 
at this link Fox 25 Live Stream
I haven't seen her in the past years when I 'watched' that newscast,
so I'm wondering if she's relatively new to mornings.
If you notice in the picture above, the message board is displaying
the message "NICE BOOTS!!!!!!".
I guess Sorboni was filming a segment by that sign and 
those joke-sters in the Plainview, MA Police Department wanted to 
share their love of Sorboni's footwear while she filmed her segment.
Unfortunately they re-shot the segment since it wasn't a live shot.