Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lots of brown leather for Trisha Volpe

and some old school tan nylons

The good views start about 8:15 in to this video


During a segment on fashion trends for the new year, she brings up boots right away and asks the expert about her (AP's) boots.
I think she's aware of this blog and likes being on it.....

I think these are the ones


I Told You This Girl Is Awesome

Frances Rivera Has Very Tall Black Suede Boots

Parents, Students Outraged Over Legacy High School's Closure

Cherish is wearing classic black leather

If you can take your eyes off of the men in skirts, enjoy these table blocked views of Mobile's Cherish Lombard in black leather boots.

Daily Annalee Penny Video

Unfortunately we can't see in this video but Annalee is wearing her black leather OTK boots today. I saw them on a 'tease' they did before the segment but I wasn't quick enough to grab a picture.
(You may see a little black leather between her fingers in the last picture here)
But I know some of you are Annalee fans and want to watch her, boots or not.


At least the guests boot up on the Today Show

This is Alina Gardea

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Michelle Apon likes boots


I never would have believed it

if you had told me that on December 29th, Dao Vu would have booted up more times this year than Ann Curry and Natalie Morales combined.  
Thanks AGAIN to gyuro for the alert. 
I had checked the Vegas Morning Blend site a few times yesterday but the videos hadn't been posted yet.