Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Great Kotb/Menounos Boot Battle Of 2007

Do You Remember When There Were Boots On The Fox News Channel?

 E.D. Hill

Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Carlson

Lauren Green

Lauren Green

Fox Sports Wisconsin Girl Sage Carries The Banner For Boots

Anna Daly Will Get Your Irish Eyes Smilin'

HUGE THANK YOU to DC for sending this link!!

Cara Santa Maria Rocks The Rainbow Brite Boots

Kellie Patterson Is Bringing Her Boots To KMGH In Denver

Marysol Castro Chases The Legend Of The Headless Horesman In Tan Leather Boots

our anonymous contributor!!

Former WPIX Anchor Lynne White Is Stomping In Boots

Not sure what is going on in this video but 
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Here is a MUCH BETTER picture of Lynne in Boots

Marysol Castro Is Coming Back To WPIX In New York

When Marysol first started on Good Morning America in 2004 she occasionally wore Boots but that gradually decreased to pretty much never.  We only saw her Boot up once when she was on the CBS Early Show. Hopefully now that she is back on WPIX, with it's great tradition of Boot wearers (see Tamsen Fadal and Frances Rivera), she comes back from the darkside and provides us with plenty of Boot wearing fun this fall and winter.