Monday, April 8, 2013

Laura Schara Wore Boots To Go Bowling

Shania Twain Wore Thigh High Boots to the ACM Awards

Crystle Lampitt Boots Up for Opening Day in Kansas City

One thing about Crystle. 
You can ALWAYS COUNT on 
Seeing a SMILE on her Face!!!

A Win-Win Situation in Boston

Hopefully this means more of seeing JC Monahan Booted

and we more than welcome the return of Cindy Fitzgibbon, who we haven't seen ion the blog since December of 2011.


We sure have enjoyed having Natalie Tysdal on the Blog.  
Best Wishes to her in the future!

and I hope that in some way, this move allows her to appear here more often, but in reading between the lines, I wouldn't be surprised if Melody leaves Denver after her contract runs out. 
Perhaps hosting a revamped, table-less, 
desk-less CBS Morning Show?

Natalie Kane HAS NOT Put Her Boots Away!!!!!!!

Some Higher Def Alix Kendall from last month

THANK YOU to celeblover12 for the photos