Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am SO JEALOUS of Andrea Piunno's co-host

I don't know dude's name, but 
he is always surrounded by Boots.
 THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer!!


Fun Times with Hailey Frances in Phoenix

Melissa Mahan has Tall Black Suede in Boston


Black Leather Boots for Chasity Byrd in Mobile, Alabama

Fox Sports Girl Chyna is ready for the Rose Bowl in Brown Leather Boots

Thanks? for your comment

Tamara Vaifanua is HAPPY to be on the Blog

SCARY! 2013 starts as 2012 ended, Alix Kendall is NOT wearing Boots

We haven't heard from Canadian Cutie Jillian Harris in a while

Nikki New Mexico has a Long Skirt, but EVEN LONGER BOOTS!!