Saturday, October 5, 2013

40 Years Later AND Marlo Thomas STILL LOVES Over The Knee Boots!!

SORRY, no recent pictures,
but in the video at the end of the post,
THAT GIRL, Marlo Thomas tells Jill Martin
how she LOVES OTK Boots and that they look good 
on her because she has skinny legs.
Listen for the exchange about 2:15 in to the video. Meanwhile enjoy some pictures of Marlo Thomas from when she was a 'Bootsie Babe'!!

Mallika Sherawat Is The Bachelorette In India

Tatevik Aprikyan Puts Her Boots To Good Use

We're looking forward to seeing A LOT of 
Tatevik on the Blog this season!!!

Jamie Hersch Of Fox Sports North

Dr. Oz Comes To Denver To See Lisa Hidalgo In Boots

WTRF's Rachael Dierkes And Laurie Conway Are Wonderful In Wheeling


L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon
Drive through your suburbs
We're Into your Boots, into your Boots, yeah
Into your boo-boo Boots
Into your Boots, oh, yeah
Sandra Mitchell and Serene Branson 
both were Booted in Los Angeles recently.
THIS POST is COURTESY of Steve Bello.
I'll let Steve's words describe the post!

Serene Branson wearing boots on Sept. 26th, 2013.  A high in Los Angeles of 86 degrees that day! Sorry, I couldn't find any video.  Serene Branson grew up in Los Angeles, so wearing boots in warm weather is a way of life for her. 

Lovely Sandra Mitchell, wearing boots on Oct. 1st, 2013, with a high that day in Los Angeles of 84 degrees! You can see it was already up to 81 degrees at noon!
I believe she comes from the Northeast, but she has adopted to the fashion wearing trends of her region!

Love how they wear knee high leather boots in very warm weather *:) happy, even before they do in so-called cold climate in N.Y.C.,Chicago, Boston and so on.  It's actually cooler (at least in NYC) in those cities than in Southern California!

Natalie Kane Nyhus Makes Her Boots Season Debut But Not On Set