Monday, December 31, 2012

Maurielle Lue of Fox 2 in Detroit

Anqunette Jamison is a Detroit Classic

Fox 2 News Headlines

Gretchen Jensen and Brianne Johnson Boot Battle on Good Things Utah

Leanne Cusack is Booted in the Capital City

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer

Cheryl Hickey goes Over the Knee in Black Leather

THANK YOU to our Canadian contributer

BLACK LEATHER for GINGER ZEE!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! to frank and jklassic fr the alert!!

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Black Suede For Bethany Crouch

Dayton, Ohio's Ali Rittenhouse is Back in Black

Kelly Sutton is a Nashville Star


Carolyn Bruck Shows Off Her Uggs

Carolyn asked that everyone weigh on whether the Ugg Boots are ugly or not.
Well Carolyn, I hear they are very soft and comfortable. And functional.
That's great for wearing 20 hours a day. Just not for those few hours you're on the air.
But when you're the hostess of a morning show in the 32nd largest market in the country,
you should be wearing more fashionable knee high or even over the knee boots.


Good Day Chicago Guest Rochelle Trotter Shows Off Her Black Leather

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

Keri Bellacosa Looks Nice In Tights But Guest Tareka Wheeler Trounces In Black Leather