Monday, February 28, 2011

Shally Zomorodi Cooks and Dances in Boots

In the last 3 minutes or so of this video


It SNOWED in San Diego, Mother Nature is Smiling at us

It almost NEVER snows in San Diego, but Thank god it did as it gave the Fox 5 anchorettes a chance to bust out the boots! Here's Erica Fox


Shally Zomorodi Short Skirt Shiny Boots


Booted Broome in the last ten seconds of this video


Rachel Lutzker Makes Us Happy

Not TOO Hot in Dallas for Over the Knee Boots!

I figured we were done seeing Lauren Przybyl wearing OTKs for the year. But luckily for us, Lauren donned the black suede OTKs today.

Stylin' Steve's Take on Oscar Fashions:

Michelle Linn one boot up, one boot down

Cute as a button Michelle Linn has one of her grey suede boots pulled up to her knee while the other is scrunched down. I wonder if pulled up all they way, they go OTK?

Nicole Koglin is laughing in leather


Alix Kendall Always Nice in Nylons


Hopefully some better pics later as the damn banner was in the way


More Shenielle Jones Is Always A Good Thing

Anna Kooiman Brown booted in Charlotte

Chicago Black Suede Boot Battle

That's Anna Davlantes, of course, and Jennifer Burton.

Best and Worst Dressed of the Academy Awards: Jennifer Burton:

Kim Carrigan Booted Cougar

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Margaret Larson is booted in Seattle

Cutie Country Singer Celeste Kellogg is booted in Seattle

Linda and Sylvia boot battle once more

Linda Yu In Your Basic Black Suede Over The Knee Boots

First White, Then Green, Now PURPLE!! Linda Yu May Have A Crayola 48 Pack When It Comes To Boot Colors!

Linda and Sylvia in ANOTHER BOOT BATTLE - This time Suede on Suede

Linda in black suede over the knee and Sylvia in brown suede knee high

CHICAGO BOOT BATTLE Sylvia Perez in Black Suede versus Linda Yu in GREEN Leather

Linda Yu Is Ready To Party Like It's 1972

We don't see white go go boots enough anymore. 
THANKS Linda!!!!

Chicago's Stacey Baca wears Classic Black Leather Boots

Jenna Wolfe wore boots today,

but sorry, I am not posting any video or pictures. She's been on the Today Show for 3 or 4 years now and has only wore that same pair of boots. She's hot but I'm bored by the boots.

Robin Meade takes my breath away