Thursday, February 2, 2012

LA Blonde Beauty Evelyn Taft's Boots Get Higher And Higher

Reprinted from March 2011
MANY Thanks to steve bello for this find

In the first segment her boots are folded below the knee and barely visible

A little higher for the 2nd segment

And pulled up over the knee by the 3rd segment.

Did one of you guys call the station and ask her to "pull them up"?


  1. that should be illegal... ratings for that station have to be thru the roof.

  2. Did you see Evelyn do the fun family Christmas Project TV Spots last December? She suddenly went from being a Blonde Bombshell Meteorologist Vamp to being an obedient fun loving Lamb (and this doesn't mean I do sheep). The Weather Girl totally got into what the Christmas Cook or Craft Hobby Speaker was saying and optimistically participated, with her bare smooth hands, showing genuine enthusiasm throughout. For me, that's when Evelyn replaced Jackie Johnson on the top "Weather Girl pedastal". This red blood Hombre loves a woman who can make like "the girl next door type", then suddenly flip and vamp out like she did with those black thigh high San Francisco Boots (heard that's where she used to do her Weather Report). A former Strip Club Owner once said, "Inside of every woman, there is another woman. Get to know both."

  3. Those are definitely outrageous - she's giving Monica Woods in Sacramento a run for her money.

  4. This seems to hold some blog record as the longest 'Popular Post'. It's been there forever.

  5. Good God Almighty.


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